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  • Wi-Fi
  • Non Smoking Only
  • Pets Allowed


  • 9+ Exceptional
  • 8+ Fabulous
  • 7+ Very Good


  • Less than 1 km
  • Less than 3 km
  • Less than 5 km

Patong Beach: Hospitable farmhouses close by the coast. Here you can find the perfect place to relax, rest and eat well.

Planning a different kind of beach holiday from the usual break, but one which includes outdoor living at the same time? Maybe somewhere where you can enjoy sun, sea and a light breeze, yet also easily organize long walks in the woods and countryside? Perhaps your thing is going out and hunting for typical food and visiting ancient historical sites? You can do all these things and more while staying at a farmhouse near the sea. Learning old fashioned cooking techniques could just be the icing on the cake as part of your alternative holiday experience. It's the best beach and countryside combined in one single holiday located in Patong Beach.

Sleeping on a farm in Patong Beach: the premier selections of farmhouses for a responsible and sustainable stay, without compromising.

If you are planning a long-overdue holiday, but simply cannot choose between the beach and the joys of the countryside you need not worry. It is, in fact, possible to have it all, combining these two things in one wonderful holiday, by booking a farmhouse near to the most beautiful seaside areas of Patong Beach. If you're travelling with friends, as a couple, or simply with your family, you can be sure that you will not disappoint anyone with a choice like this!

In Patong Beach, you'll find ideal accommodation options from amongst the more than 8 farmhouses we have identified for you. Out of these some are, in fact, farmhouses located less than 1 km from the sea. A further 6 are still within the 3 km radius whilst another 8 lie within less than 5 km of the sea.

Farmhouses have become wildly successful in recent years, both from a value for money perspective and the quality of the service they offer. Many guests appreciate the informal yet family-friendly atmosphere that is a cornerstone of this type of accommodation. The quality is usually thanks to the property owners and their families who meet any of the guest's needs, ensuring everyone feels at home. The public has spoken, and farmhouses in Patong Beach have attracted a great deal of positive written commentary: 25 reviews in total for guests who have overnighted in Patong Beach. Of these: some former guests have rated the properties in the area as being "Excellent" whilst a further 24 thought the property deserved a "Very Good" rating.

The beauty of this kind of accommodation has also thankfully been preserved via careful restoration by the local owners, who as excellent entrepreneurs, quickly understood the importance of having an up-to-date property to welcome guest was attractive. Retaining this historic charm of the place. Old warehouses, stables and centuries-old beams have been transformed into centrepieces of modern farmhouse.
No expense or detail has been spared in this quest to perfect the product with the guest's needs a priority. In Patong Beach, you will find 4 farmhouses with swimming pools, some have family-focused services a further 8 have car parking facilities on site. Many more have their own taverns or restaurants in the vicinity so that their guests can relax after a long day of exploring.


How much does it cost on average to spend a night in a farmhous in Patong Beach?

Sleeping in a farmhouse in Patong Beach costs on average A$ 60 per night. Click here to find the best offers for farmhouses in Patong Beach

When is the best time to stay at a Patong Beach farmhouse?

Actually, any time of the year is an excellent time to stay at Farmhouse in Patong Beach. Click here to find the best deals at similar farmhouses in Patong Beach

What services do Patong Beach farmhouses have available to their guests?

Farmhouses in Patong Beach have the following services available to their guests:
- Wi-Fi
- Non Smoking Only
- Pets Allowed
- Kitchen
- Dishwasher
- Linens Provided
- Parking
- Air Conditioning
and so much more.

Do the Farmhouses in Patong Beach have a swimming pool?

Which Farmhouses in Patong Beach are pet-friendly?

Many Farmhouses in Patong Beach admit your four-legged friends. Here you will find a link with all the best offers for Pet Friendly Farmhouses in Patong Beach

Which farmhouses have their own parking in Patong Beach?

There are 8 farmhouses with parking in Patong Beach. Here you will find a link with all the farmhouses offering Parking in Patong Beach