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Renmark is an highly sought after destination by tourist from the whole world. The 4,382 reviews for all the accommodation in the area are the proof: 83 reviews with a score of 10.0 Excellent and 31 reviews with a score of 8.0 Very Good. Reading these reviews you can learn about the best accommodation by the sea, with the best reviews in Renmark.
The best accommodation solutions in the area are numerous. Over a total of 57 accommodation, it's possible to distinguish 19 apartments, 17 hotels, 19 independent homes, 12 villas, 1 farmhouses and much more. Amongst these you will be able to find the best offers for the best solution for your needs, wether you decide to go alone, for a romantic get-away, or with a group of friends. The end goal is an unforgettable holiday in Renmark.
Every type of accommodation at this destination displays a range of services that will adapt perfectrly to your necessity: Parking, Pets Allowed, Pool, Kitchen, Spa and much more. The choice is yours.

Renmark: How much does accommodation cost?

How much does holiday accommodation cost in Renmark? On average in Renmark it is possible to find accommodation solutions for an average cost of 473 Australian dollars per night.
The price is the main influence for the traveller. If you are looking for accommodation in Renmark, it coulld be useful to know that the low season period where you will be able to find the most amount of accommodation at the best price is in the month July, particularly in the week that spans from 17/07 to 24/07.
The high season period, where you can find the right compromise between amount of accommodation and low cost fares is in the month of October, in the week that spans from 9/10 to 16/10.
At the end of you trip planning it could be useful to know that, the average cost for a weekend night is 507 Australian dollars. The weekend with the best prices is in the month of September, from 10/09 to 12/09.
Instead for a longer stay, the best weekly prices in Renmark cost on average 3,317 Australian dollars. The week with the best prices is in the month of July from 3/07 to 10/07.

What to do in Renmark

In Renmark, the best accommodation near the sea can also be found near the major interest points. The unmissable interest points are:

  • 23rd Street Distillery
  • Possum Parade
  • Paringa Bridge
  • Olivewood Historic Homestead
  • Shi Shi Friendship Lion

Only a few km from the sea you can find 57 accommodation options available at the best price: 19 Apartments, B&Bs, 17 Hotels, and much more. Below you can find the best apartments near the beaches.
A Renmark, furthermore, much of the best accommodation is close to the best beaches in the area: Apartments, B&Bs, Hotels, and much more.

Renmark: Which is the ideal month for a holiday?

Renmark: when to go? Whether you love the heat or the cold, if you're planning a trip here, it could be useful for you to know: January, has temperatures that can reach 32°C, it's the hottest month at this touristic destination. July instead is the coldest month, where temperatures can trop to 16°C.
For people that love the rain, July is the rainiest month where we can predict up to 5 dais of rain.